[torsen] Re: 3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

Hey, beat me to it ;)

The main difference in fitting the shift rods is the fact that the
4kq/016 setup has a totally different shaped tunnel and linkage routing
layout. The 4kq linkage is essentially all in front of the stick, and
exist through the tunnel horizontally via a hole _in front_ of the
stick, the t89's are setup with a tunnel that is designed to have the
linkage attach at the _bottom_ of the stick.

So in short there certainly is cutting/welding involved to get something
to fit, but I can prove that with enough banging, cursing, and cutting,
things will indeed fit.

If there are any bolt on parts please do inform me of them! :)

'89 90tq

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 12:21, JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
> I'll let Nate's experience speak for itself, I can't imagine you'll find =
bolt on parts to do this:
> http://www.newtsplace.com/90tq/index.php?content=3Dtrans.html&pagetitle=
> Javad
> >For any conversion there are issues.  Both the 90 and the 200 chassis us=
e different shift rods (the one that goes to the right side)design.  If you=
 have all the pieces parts, you can also reverse fit the ball socket and sh=
ift actuator rods.  The mountings for them are easily adaptable forward/bac=
k, I'm not sure what "custom" means to Javad, but I don't believe there is =
metal cutting/fabricating involved, even in the 90 chassis.
> >
> >The later style ball/socket/shifters are supposed to give a better "shif=
t" feel, not one of the more successful audi upgrades IMO.
> >
> >Also, there are issues in terms of pilot bearings, but these can be addr=
essed from the audi parts bin.
> >
> >HTH
> >
> >SJ

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