cheap efi transplant ideas

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

> I was wondering if anyone has done a cheap efi transplant on the I5
> (turbo) from junkyard components? Always wanted efi, but the budget...

can be done decently cheap if you are willing to make lots of the
necessary bits (fuel rail, mounting brackets for sensors, etc).

> Maybe I could get my car started in under 15 seconds with it.
> next, what's the best way to fab a fuel rail for the mc2? I've heard
> about how some use the KH intake, but I sold mine and that's not an
> option anyway, wha about L bends to clear the manifold?

You can buy fuel rail stock by the foot and drill it for the I5 fuel
injector hole pattern.  The fitment issue gets tight on the teardrop TB
from the MC engine but it can be made to fit.  Nate used one of these
TBs on his 90tq:

on my car, I just used the KH throttle body since it was a nicer fit and
allowed the use of a standard round hose connection to the IC:

Hope that helps

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