Rad fan wierdness

Andrei Cretu andrei.cretu at iasi.rdsnet.ro
Thu Nov 20 12:05:17 EST 2003

hmm. On my 1987 Coupe GT the fan _NEVER_ comes on if the engine is shut
off. If I shut off the engine with the fan on, the fan stops. I always
wondered if this is normal/safe for the engine...


On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 17:02, santoli9 at cox.net wrote:
> Off the cuff, without looking at the wiring diagram, it sounds like the a=
fter-run relay gets cut in only when the ignition is switched off. Then if =
under-hood temerature is above the after-run sensors setpoint, the fan will=
> As long as it shuts off once the engine compartment cools you have nothin=
g to be concerned with. But if it continues to run you need to investigate =
the after-run circuit.
> Steve
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> > From: <iain.atkinson at tesco.net>
> > Date: 2003/09/29 Mon AM 06:36:07 EDT
> > To: quattro at audifans.com
> > Subject: Rad fan wierdness
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> > Is this normal??? My 1990 9020v q once its reached normal running temp =
decides to run the rad fan every time I switch off the ignition, like this =
morning outside temp 7degs run for 5 miles got home switched off and on com=
es the fan.
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> > Iain
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