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Hi jim, talking about delrin bushings. I had a similar problem with my set
on my deceased coupe. I found the best way was to shim them with thin
washers made from delrin
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Well I finally got to take the yellow car for a spin
tonight after the HG job from hell.  I'll spare the
ALL the details, but if you run headstuds, make sure
you have the allen broach on them so you can get them
out if your head is stuck on!  Ok, I'll let you know
how I got them out, let's just say it involved welding
the nut to each stud and unscrewing it, with the head
in the car.  Good fun for all.  I've already written
this motor off, so I figured what the hell.

After cleaning the head out, and a set of the new
style ARP head studs, I decided that since I know have
a beater to drive around, I'll start playing with this
MC2 motor of mine.  I decided since I hate how high my
CR is, I'll throw two 20vt all metal HG's on and see
what happens.  So far so good, I was able to advance
the timing 6 more degree's at 17 psi of boost.  That
and the cold weather make the car feel like it has
some race gas in the tank.  It's really, really fast,
and has made me glad that I'm going to stay 10vt for a
while.  I probably have lost some bottom end, but I
really don't care, the giggles that come with the
boost are well worth it.

Another piece of info I'll share is that I took out
the Blau delrin bushings and went back to stock.  I
loved the way they drove, but they would clunk every
time I hit the brakes, and it eventually got really,
really old.  I'll probably send them back and see what
they say.

Last, yes, I bought a beater 80q.  Actually it's only
a beater because of the rough exteriour.  Mechanically
and electronically it's almost perfect, and really is
a pleasure to drive.  I was suprised to find that even
the AC and the seat heaters still work!  I may just
try and spruce this car up a little.

That's all.

Jim Green
'89 80q slow
'89 90tq fast, really fast

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