5KTQ Cam Timing Q? (long sorry)

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Wed Nov 26 11:53:22 EST 2003

What is that hole in the port?!


Timmmy quattro at inspirinium.com wrote:

<<Hi all

After about 2 months of weekends I am getting closer to buttoning up my
rebuild on my 865KTQ, and given the long weekend I am hoping to tie the
engine back togeather. But in order to do this I need to confirm my cam
timing as I have found something odd.

I replaced the flywheel with an MC2 unit. The cam is a Blausport cam and I
have used the Neuspeed adjustable cam timing gear. (along with porting and
polishing the head, 3" exhaust and big fmic coming - should be fun in the
snow), So I put the motor back in the car without its head on. I set
piston 1 (front of the engine I presume) at TDC, and checked the mark on
the flywheel lines up with the indicator in the bellhousing and it
does...All good so far. next I put the head on and fitted the new lifters
and Blau cam (after dropping the crank a bit to make sure the valves all
cleared when winding the cam housings back down (the Blau cam apparenlty
makes the motor interfere now).

So with Cyl 1 back at TDC according to the mark on the new MC2 flywheel I
put the Neuspeed cam gear on after checking and transfering the marks from
the original gear. No problems so far. with the mark on the back of the
gear aligned (sort of as it seems to be just under the lip when the tooth
aligns) to the top of the head I have cyl 5 exh valve opening and cyl 1
valves both shut, so I put on the timing belt and all looks good.

BUT...the mark on the cam pulley is about 170 degrees out.

Check the photos at


Has anyone out there got any idea if I am going mad or if this is right?
it all seems right to me apart form the mark on the cam pulley which makes
me nervous.

Is there any way to dial in the cam without using the marks i.e. exhaust
valve should be shut on cyl 3 etc.



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