80q/90q springs to raise 4kq

Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 28 15:36:59 EST 2003


I'm surprised that you say the Intrax springs are lower than the H+R's.
Their literature says otherwise, 1.4" front drop, 1.3" rear drop, and that's
from full unsagged factory height. Intrax designs its progressive Sport
springs to work with factory shocks, so Boge TurboGas should be fine.  The
setup might actually raise the rear from its present state. H&R's site says
1.5" all around. Sure you're not thinking of Spax? They've had some issues
lately. To my knowledge, Intrax actually has a very good reputation. I also
seem to remember their name plastered all over a pretty well-known A4 race

As long as the wheel/tire combos weigh about the same, that shouldn't be a
factor either. I'll run 15x7 CQ Speedlines with 205/50 tires in the summer
vs. 14x6 R8 with 185/65 snows in winter.

However, I still agree that coil-overs are the ultimate solution. But this
is my year-round daily driver, and salt against aluminum coilovers, the
strut bearing issue (I think that's a problem, isn't it?), the extra
expense, and the fact that my urq will get angry if I put real goodies on
the 4kq, all lead me away from coilovers.


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From: Todd Phenneger [mailto:tquattroguy at yahoo.com]

  you want my Honest opinion.  Screw it.  Sell the Intrax and
Boge Setup.  2-reasons.  The intrax are to stiff for the Boge,
they also lower the 4kq more than the H&R setup and are not as
high a quality of spring.  They actually lower the 4kq TO much
and the Boge's wont be able to control them properly.  ESP if
you will be running 15" or larger wheels.
  Then, convert to Coil-Overs.  That way you keep the same
shocks but can lower and raise the car without pulling the
struts.  Just turn the seats down.  Now you have I better setup,
more adjustability, way more spring options, etc.  You'll have
to re-align the car everytime of course but you'd have to do
that anyhow.  Coilover Kit will run you about $450.  You can
sell the Intrax for $200 probably.  90q spring would run you
$100 so really your only spending about $100 - $150 more to do
it properly.

--- Brady Moffatt <bradym at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Todd/All,
> I'd like to raise the rear AND front for winter only. I have
> another setup
> ready to go for summer (Boge/Intrax).
> Do you know if the 4kq shocks have enough travel for the
> longer springs?
> All I really want to do is find some used 80q/90q springs, and
> put them in
> along with new strut bearings, then enjoy the winter when it
> comes. Just
> trying to make sure it'll work as easily as I hope it will!
> Cheers,
> Brady
> urq, 4kq, Z

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