drivetrain clunking

Richard van der Hoff quattro at
Sun Nov 30 10:15:43 EST 2003

I'm having problems finding the source of a drivetrain clunk in my
1991 CGT (non-quattro).

One of the problems is that the clunk can't be reliably reproduced, but it
seems to manifest itself particularly if I'm driving it quite hard and
downshift, say from third to second - thus causing the car's momentum to
rev the engine. It can also occasionally be provoked by suddenly coming
off the throttle - similar situation.

The clunk is quite loud, and *seems* to come from somewhere under the
driver's (right-hand side!) footwell. And it doesn't seem to be
particularly affected by steering position (though rapid downshifts don't
often occur at full lock!). But it's getting worse and beginning to worry

I was just wondering if anyone here has seen these symptoms before, or has
any suggestions what it might be.  Any suggestions appreciated.



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