Differential Rear input shaft seal removale 5000TQ

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 09:21:48 EDT 2003

Yes,if I remember,press the shaft out of the
bearing,then take the c-clip and bearing out of the
cover.  I used all generic seals except the the big
one.  I think I bought that from VM Autohaus in
Vancouver. Sorry, I don't have all the sizes,but it's
molded into the rubber part of the seal in tiny font.

Jim Accordino

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> Is there someone on Quattro list did this ?
> I have some problems with seals removal but i dont
> get any email for this ....maybe i shoulld go to
> archives.
> I m now on the input shaft of my rear diff.
> One end is bigger than the all shaft... maybe the
> end is been  press fit to the shaft and  i probably
> have to get it out to pass the bearing along the
> shaft !!!!  I must get the bearing out to get the
> oil seal.
> Denis
> thanks advance.

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