Performance Upgrade while Head's Off

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A 20v head on the NG bottom end results in about 8:1 compression, give or take a few points, its acutally a nice combination for a heavily turbo motor, though the rods and pistons aren't quite as strong as in a MC motor, basically a 20v bottom end.


> Id be curious to know exactly what the CR would be.  Can anyone
>that knows the Volume of the head COmbustion chambers calculate
>  Javad?!?!
>  Todd
>--- Alan Pritchard <apritchard at> wrote:
>> Rumour has it that it does, although no one has ever properly
>> confirmed it.
>> But what you will end up with is a ridiculously low
>> compression ratio, like
>> 6:1 so any performance gains from the multivalve head will be
>> lost by the
>> cr...
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>> Further to that:  Does a 20 V NA head fit on the 2.3 NG (1988)
>> and is it
>> worth doing this?
>> TIA
>> Tihol
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