Tubular headers for 7a 20v

Emre Washburn yumyjagermiester at hvc.rr.com
Wed Oct 1 14:20:21 EDT 2003

This is most likley the OEM peice, unless it was a custom job. If you are
looking to swap in the OEM piece, you will also need the proper downpipe for
cars that came with the headers and the heat sheild.

90 Cq
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> Iain,
>   was this the factory 1990 CQ tubular header you put on it or
> something different.  Just curious.
>   Also, did you have to change anything else out, like the CAT,
> or did it bolt right up.
>   I have a friend witha 20v Sedan.
> Thanks
>   Todd
> --- iain.atkinson at tesco.net wrote:
> > Folks
> >
> > just thought i would post my findings after installing the
> > tubular headers on my 19909020v q. This is a mod well worth
> > doing having now driven the car for a few hundred miles the
> > difference is amazing, it seems to have a lot more torque or
> > the torque starts lower in the rev range, hasn't affected the
> > top end and if anything this improved too. Exhaust note has
> > changed and is a deeper tone than before, the only issue to
> > resolve is a resonance in the airbox, i am going to try and
> > make up a cold air feed for it which ahould cure the problem.
> >
> >
> > Iain
> >
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