KV engine setup

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Mike, ok, I see what you're saying, this makes sense, its been a while since I've messed with the CIS stuff, running EFI I just run the vacuum advance right into the intake manifold and it give a nice boost in idle with the advance.  For some reason they still want you to disconnect it when setting it in the manuals I've seen.  Thanks for the reasonable explanation.


>If you take a look at any of the progressive throttle bodies from an 80s
>VAG product, it becomes apparent that the vac advance does nothing at all
>at idle. If you don't believe me check for yourself, look at the throttle
>body, and you'll see that the port for the vac advance canister is on the
>atmospheric side of the throttle plate at idle. Crack the throttle a tad,
>and it is on the vacuum side of the throttle plate, and you get vac
>This is all of course dependant on the assumption that your throttle stop
>hasn't been monkied with.
>HTH someone
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>>    You've hit the nail on the head. The vacuum advance is precisely for a
>> part throttle situation, and does most of its work when there is a higher
>> vacuum condition than idle, Whether is does much *at* idle is a moot point
>> in this application, given the differing specs which mihnea and I have got
>> independently from different sources and which seem to indicate there
>> isn't
>> any vacuum advance at idle.
>>  The other possibility is that one of the specs that we've read is
>> incorrect
>> and that indeed there is an element of vaccum advance at idle. For now
>> I've
>> an open mind. Perhaps Phil could report back his findings when he's done.
>>  Just trying to help someone's query by giving some pertinent info. Thats
>> all.
>> rob
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>>> The vacuum advance most definitely does something at idle, other than
>> deceleration, there is not other higher vacuum condition than idle.
>>> Javad
>>> > Interesting. The good ol' Haynes manual specifies for the KV
>>> >
>>> > 'vacuum hose on, 17 to 19 degrees BTDC at idle'.
>>> >
>>> > Looks like the vacuum advance is doing nothing at idle. Which is
>>> >reasonable. As Mihnea says, this is CIS, not CIS-E, no cat,no lambda,
>>> no
>>> >duty cycle. Not much to go wrong and 136bhp bone stock.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >rob

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