4k wheel studs

Eric eric_audi.ql at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 2 16:42:51 EDT 2003

A while ago I changed my Rabbit GTI over to studs from bolts.  I just
got fully threaded M12xcan't remember and threaded them in from the back
side with a bit of red loctite.  I used Civic lug nuts as they are
shaped the same as the VW bolts and have a high quality crome finish to
keep from rusting.

Since my 4k uses M14 bolts my current lug nut solution will of course
not work.  Does anyone have any ideas on a lug nut that is shapped
correctly, but M14 that I could use to convert the 4k?  I imagine some
newer Audi has something that would work, but I don't know anything
about newer Audis.

Unlike the Rabbit it looks like I can do the conversion (at least on the
front) without having to pull the hubs.


Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq


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