Followup on my timing belt failure

Andrew Duane USG duane at
Fri Oct 3 12:28:13 EDT 2003

The word from Audi is that they covered 75% of the repair.
That left me with about $1600 worth of repairs, plus $500 in
towing charges and a cab ride home from where I got stranded.

I am still awaiting a call from someone at AoA to explain the
new policy of only covering 75% of the repair for the poor hapless
victims of this failure. It will be an interesting call, as I am
livid about their attitude. The attitude from my dealer's service
manager was even worse however. He explained *nothing* to me.
Just told me I owed $1600 for the repair. Then proceeded to tell
me that I was lucky I got anything, since my car was 2000 miles
out of warranty (although only 2.5 years old). He wouldn't even
discuss a loaner car for a day so I could buy groceries. Nor would
he discuss any reimbursement for my towing.

Given this, I have decided to think long and hard about owning
any more Audi products. I have put up with the petty annoyances
that we all know about from this list, because at the end of the
day, my cars always ran and always got me home. No longer....

The moral of the story for everyone out there with cars in my
age group (2-4 years old, 50K miles) is:

	The mileages in the service book are pure fiction.

Audis design has exhibited these failures for years. And if Audi
doesn't do something about it (other than implementing a new policy
to screw their customers who are caught), there will be a class action
lawsuit. A suit which I will happily join.


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