Urgent favor needed in Denver...

Gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Sat Oct 4 16:42:46 EDT 2003


Can anyone in Denver, Colorado, help me out with a big favour please?

My sister is flying back to Denver from Cape Town, South Africa,
tomorrow and arrives back in the USA on Monday at around 5PM. Her
drive/lift has just said they can't pick her up and get her to her car
in Centennial (I think 15 miles away). Is anyone available on Monday at
around 5PM to help her out?

And...urh... I've been requested to ask for single men with quattros. :)
Just kidding. You can be married and male or female ... and have a
quattro. :)

Please, she drives a Ford and I've been trying to get her interested in
the benefits of quattro. :)

Please send me e-mail directly as soon as possible if you can help out.
I know it's a Monday, probably rush hour traffic and all that, but we'd
really appreciate the help.



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