My Audi nightmare

Seth epicfilms at
Sun Oct 5 12:59:28 EDT 2003

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Hi all,

I bought my first Audi (a 1993 90S Quattro) about 3 weeks and have been
loving it.  Occasionally I've had a little trouble getting the key to
turn but jiggling the wheel would usually allow it to turn eventually.

Last night, the key wouldn't turn.  I jiggled the wheel, absolutely no
luck.  After a few hours I called the dealer where I bought the car and
he suggested jacking it up to relieve pressure off the front tires(the
wheels were turned rather sharply).  We did this and it finally allowed
the key to turn and the car to start.

But, there was now a squealing sound whenever I shifted(automatic)from
park to neutral and this noise continued when the car was in neutral.
Only by shifting into drive or park would the sound cease.  And, none of
my electrical gadgets works.  No lights(except blinkers), no wipers, no
radio, no heat, etc.  When I got home and was turning the key off (to
position 2), the electrical gadgets all worked again.

So, I climb in the car, try to turn the key - nothing.  I jiggled the
wheel hard and it did turn and allowed the car to start.  But, the
squealing noise still remains and the electrical devices are again not

I'm completely lost. I loved my new(used)Audi but this is really
frustrating.  Does anyone know what might be wrong and what the
potential repair costs could be?


Seth Jarrett

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