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Cody Forbes cody at
Mon Oct 6 21:20:16 EDT 2003

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I saw my first Coupe Quattro today, and only the second 5cyl car I've seen =
besides mine. At the light at Congess and Lowson in Delray Beach, Fl. Coupe=
 was white with nice wheels, maybe lowered, and really nice sounding exaust=
 system. I was in my white 80 in the right turning lane, he was in the left=
 turning lane. If I wasn't 2 lanes over I would have cut over a lane and fo=
lled for a bit to get a better look, too bad. Lister? I'd love to get a bet=
ter look at this thing.

-Cody Forbes
Black Forest Racing
2x '86 5ktq
'87 5ktq
'88 80 4cyl

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