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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Oct 6 22:38:28 EDT 2003

Huw Powell writes:
> > Is there a difference between the 80 and 90 springs?  (Hell, is there a
> > difference between the cars?!  I went to the AudiWorld model pages and
> > found them to have the same engines, wheelbase, and curb weight...)
> They have different spoilers, and different trim level packages
> available (nicer stuff for the 90).
> In the fwd versions the 80 has a 4 cyl engine.
> But I'm sure Ti knows the answers to this question in far greater detail
> than I...

The B3 generation 80 and 90 are essentially the same, platform-wise.
90s are higher content, with more luxurious trim and equipment (leather/
wood and some other features unavailable on the 80).

For the US market models years 1988-89, the 80 fwd came with a 2.0 8V I4
engine (code 3A), the 80q, 90 and 90q had the 2.3 10V I5 (NG) (except
90 fwd models with auto trans came with the 3A engine).  In 1990, the
80 fwd was uprated to the NG motor, the 90 automatic also got the NG,
and the 90q changed to the 2.3 20V I5 (7A).  Then for 1993 there was
the big makeover to the B4 platform and 2.8 V6 engine, and the 80 model
designation was dropped.

The B3 80 and 90 series both have a variety of factory spring fitments,
depending on whether it's a fwd vs. quattro, 4 or 5 cylinder, 20V or not,
and equipment levels.  The spring rate is designated on the spring with
a color stripe.  Some springs are common between the 80 and 90 series,
others are not.

Sorry I don't have a specific answer about the springs.  But basically,
you can count on a higher contented car with 5 cylinder and quattro
to have stiffer springs than a 4 cylinder fwd brethan.

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