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Jim asked:

> From:	"superba" <superba at comcast.net>
> Date:	Tue, 7 Oct 2003 10:52:13 -0700
> Hi All,
> I'm interested in a 1997 A4 1.8T FD with Automatic.  It seems to be a very
good deal;  one owner, bought in California, lived in Wisconin > for awhile,
looks good, looks clean.  I haven't driven it yet.  Mileage is about 125K,
timing belt changed about 90K according to owner.  > > Bumper dinged and
replaced once.
> Anyone know of any nagging problems with these?
> TIA.
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan

and Scott added:

> OK, have a seat, take a breath:
> snip


I had a 97 A4 1.8TQM that I happily drove for 85K miles before it was
totaled when I was rear ended by a 17 year old pizza jockey in a 95 Neon.

I really liked the car.  True, I had to have the control arms replaced and I
had a sticky rear brake done under warranty.  Other than that, not much in
the way of problems.  I would say that the 1.8 and the automatic are not the
best of combinations.  The auto makes the car feel underpowered - not a
problem with the stick.

Douglas in MN
95.5 //S6Avant - mine
98 Mercury Mountaineer - her work sled
98 Toyota RAV4 - for sale
73 BMW R60/5 - lonely in the garage

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