10v Motor Eats Alum Shavings for Breakfast... How to prevent it

Joshua Van Tol josh at spiny.com
Thu Oct 9 08:00:47 EDT 2003

Glass beading isn't without its own problems. Glass beads are very
abrasive, and can be quite difficult to remove from tight spaces such
as the inside of an intercooler. I guess I'd be more worried about the
glass beads getting into the engine than small aluminum shavings.

Now maybe plastic media blasting or blasting with walnut shells would
be better.
On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 01:34  AM, superba wrote:

> Hi Javad,
> If you do that again, take it to a machine shop and have it blasted
> with
> beads.  That will clean and sort of polish the interior.  Turbo
> rebuilders
> insist on having oil hoses bead blasted or their guarantee is void.
> My car has eaten some valve keepers;  I don't know how many.  They are
> probably in the oil sump(I hope).
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan
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>>  Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 21:19:24 -0400
>>  From: JShadzi at aol.com
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>>  Subject: 10v Motor Eats Alum Shavings for Breakfast...
>>  About 4-5 months ago after I did my new Intercooler (
>>  http://www.80tq.com/i=
>>  ntake.html ) , I noticed some boost spikes not too long after
>>  installing it=
>>  , and that my ISV (that I was using at the time) mysteriously
>>  stopped worki=
>>  ng.  After doing an intense track day (8hrs of open track time)
>>  is when I r=
>>  eally started noticing this.  About 3 weeks later at the dyno, I
>>  could not =
>>  get my boost to budge past 18psi, the bleed controller I was
>>  using just wou=
>>  ldn't cooperate.
>>  Later the next day I pulled the buggery little bleed valve to
>>  inspect it, a=
>>  nd to my surprise (or not) I discovered it jammed solid full of
>>  small alum =
>>  shavings, just like the ones that went all over the place while
>>  porting the=
>>   inlets and outlets of the IC.  Upon seeing this, I realized
>>  that my intake=
>>   system must be full of these alum shavings, and sure enough it was.
>>  After building and grinding on the IC, I flushed it and flushed
>>  it to the b=
>>  est of my abilities, but an IC that big takes a good 20-30 sec
>>  just to full=
>>   up with a hose, much less be flushed under pressure.  All the
>>  hosing, soap=
>>   and water I hit it with must not have been enough to get some
>>  of the shavi=
>>  ngs out, because that track day disloged them real good with all
>>  the airflo=
>>  w=2E
>>  Well, like I said its been about 4-5 months now, no hickups or
>>  problems to =
>>  speak of from the engine even with another track day and plenty
>>  of tuning a=
>>  nd driving.
>>  A couple weeks ago I was reminded of this event.  I pulled my
>>  cat to do som=
>>  e exh work and heard something rattling around in the cat as I
>>  brought it o=
>>  ff the car.  Again, I was ironically surprised to see what I
>>  found, rattlin=
>>  g around in the chamber of my 3" cat, directly in front of the
>>  tight cerami=
>>  c matrix...a 3/8" ball of molten alum, trapped against is will
>>  and gleefull=
>>  y digested by 80tq's 10v motor.
>>  Javad
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