Audi 2 to 3 inchs

Nate Stuart newt at
Thu Oct 9 11:56:16 EDT 2003

Now, is it the bore or the stroke that really matters?

Alan Pritchard said:
> So, is there an additive which can add 2-3 inches to the bores of my 90? i
> guess going back to Javads topic earlier i could add some glass bead ;)
> ok, if i drop my car an inch, it will still weigh the same, so i would
> have
> to put that inch somewhere else......
> I promise i'll be more sensible in my next post ;)
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> Does this qualify as too much information? ...oh my..Audi's anyone??
> =)
> Javad
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>>to get nore Hp on my Audi ;-)

'89 90tq

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