Any interest in seude replacements for alacantera seats?

Kurt W. Deschler desch at WPI.EDU
Thu Oct 9 14:18:20 EDT 2003

Would anyone be interested in real seude leather replacement covers for
alacantera seats? I made up one for my drivers seat using the original
as a template and it looks quite nice. The seude looks and feels much like
the alacantera, yet is thicker and much more durable (hard to cut without
sharp scissors). If there is interest, I could make up some templates and
manufacture a few sets over the winter. I would have to take the originals
as cores since I would need the corrugated strip attached to the back of
the cover and the metal rods. I can get the seude in several colors. Mine
was beige and the color match was pretty close. Also, if anyone who
replies could estimate what they would pay for such covers, that would
help me decide if this venture is worthwile.

	Kurt Deschler
	'87 Audi 5kcstq
	'88 VW GTI 16V (for sale)

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