how about this on the 4KS would this work?

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Thu Oct 9 17:10:45 EDT 2003

Some of these parts are useful to you, but all VW's have transverse mounted engines (cept for the Fox and Quantum which are basically Audis), and you have a long. motor mounting, so things like the downpipe, IC plumbing, etc won't be useful to you.

It sounds like you need to do a little more research into what you have and what your options are, this isn't a project you want to jump into w/o a pretty intimate understanding of what you're dealing with.


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>1990-1992 Corrado G60 1.8L 8V
>Stage III  220HP - $1950.00
>      MAN   Turbo Manifold 8V
>      DNP  Turbo Downpipe 2.5"
>      TBO  Garrett Performance T3
>      WGT  Integral Wastegate Set
>      OIL  Oil Feed Set
>      OIL  Oil Return Set
>      FLG  Oil Return flange
>      PIP  Piping Set for G60
>      BLT  Hardware Kit, G60
>      BLW  Bosch Plastic Valve
>      OIL  Oil Pan Kit
>      PIP  Inlet Pipe for G60
>      EPROM  *EPROM is now included in the Kit
>      I dont know if the G60 is the same engines as the 4Ks...

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