Is it Quality service at Performance in Naples?

Michael A.Carr m_wdsllc at
Fri Oct 10 12:21:23 EDT 2003

I ordered a new Voltage regulator and three quarts of Pentosin from
Performancemotorcars dot com, on Sept 30, 2003, free ground UPS for
orders over fifty bucks....
very nice I thought.
The monies cleared from my account October 3, 2003.....
well a lil dissapointing..but ok, everybody gets a lil backed up....
I sent an email to Nanette, per their instructions in their email order
confirmation (of Sept 30, 2003)  finally on October 7, 2003, and was
sure I would hear back....
their work/order taking days as stated on their site are Monday thru
I went back on the site today and did their order tracking page only to
get a message that my "order number" was "invalid, please try again"
...So today I'm a lil more than a lil it is the 10th of
October, 2003.....
Anyone know if there is a direct phone number that will get through to a
human being at Performance?
Their website published numbers go directly to voice mail, with no
record/leave a message function.....
If you have a live contact number, or you are a Performancemotorcar
employee yourself...please email me directly or feel free to call me at
207 773 7652.

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