Fuel System for Stroker Motor-Turbo Convertion

Kevin Kingan klkinc at gis.net
Sat Oct 11 02:19:33 EDT 2003

 Hi all;
Maybe this idea had been said before but I am just courious.
 When upgrading a Fuel System when doing a turbo conversion, Stroker Moter
Why couldnt you use (or not use) a Euro CIS fuel system from a early to mid
80's regular 911. Arent they basically the same thing, only bigger? I
understand that the wiring might be tough, but i cant be impossable can it?
Couldnt you just block up one of the injector lines.
 I understand that Porsche parts are a bit pricey but there are allot of
Grey Market 911 parts(& cars) around, and they must be more reasonable that
spending big $$ on a custom Fuel system.
Maybe I am way off but I was just courious and wanted to get some input on
this idea.
Cheers all

1988 90Q 2.3E Sport
1995 VW Jetta 2.0

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