MKE mechanic?

Russ Maki rinard at
Sat Oct 11 12:46:25 EDT 2003

My first choice would be Todd Diaz at Autobahn Service on 107th St. He's
quite a distance from the college district, though.

O'Reilly Motorcars on 3rd and Cherry is quite a bit closer to the East
Side -- owner Mike Loos is active in ACNA, and knows his Audis. He can get
pricey, though.

Greg Galinsky's G&G Service is out in Hubertus; he may be able to help. You
might want to search the audifans archives for his email address.

Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

> From: THOMAS TAUSKEY <ttauskey at>
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> To: quattro at
> Subject: MKE mechanic?
> Recommendations please for Milwaukee area independent garage/mechanic
> for engine issues re: '88 80 4cyl. (intermittent loss of power).  Pro
> and con comments welcomed - off list if necessary.  College student
> (daughter) needs ......
> Thanks.
> Tom Tauskey
> Denver, CO
> '89 200Q
> '89 80Q
> '88 80 (long way from home)
> '90 VW Fox

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