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Tue Sep 2 11:52:40 EDT 2003

Since I do all my own work, I don't have a need for a mechanic.  However, I
have been hanging around this guy's shop, http://www.worldimported.com/ and
he seems to know his stuff.  He always has a bunch of VAG stuff in there.
He seems to be an honest guy.  I hope that helps.


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> From: "Rishi Sharma" <rishi_sh77 at hotmail.com>
> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 17:40:42 +0000
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> Subject: [ba] Mechanic info
> Hi everybody,
> I have recentgly moved to Bay area,(specifically Foster City) and was
> wondering if anybody could point me to a good Audi A4 Quattro mechanic
> somewhere in North bay.
> I am basically looking for a mechanic who is experienced in handling '97
> audis and gives some price break too for repairs.
> If you could include the mechanic's contact phone #(or driving directions
> from 101) too then that would be great...
> Thanks in advance.......
> Rishi
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