minimizing oil gunk inside motor

Michael Benno mbenno at
Wed Sep 3 10:23:31 EDT 2003

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Is there a recommend and save way to reduce the oil deposits inside the eng=

My newly acquired 78K mile 2.7t seems to have way more oil gunk inside than=
 other high mileage Audi's I have owned (KH, WX, 7A). I was hoping to be ab=
le to clean this motor out over time. But I am unfamiliar wit any products =
and or techniques.

My initial thought was to use a brand of oil with more solvents and conduct=
 a few changes more frequently, like every 2000 miles. I have seen some pro=
ducts that claim to "clean" out the internals, but I am somewhat skeptical =
about these. Would dropping the oil pan and cleaning the lower end of the m=
otor be a good idea?

Michael Benno
2000 A6 2.7t

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