80tq: Dyno Update, 291whp 306ft/lbs

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 It was a Supra.  Which regularly are in the 11's for the 1/4
and some in the 10's I believe.  That Charger at the end with
modern power would easily be Sub 10sec.  But in the movie it was
PORTRAYED as beign as His Father had left it.  IF thats true
were talking 70's tech, so it probably was in the 10's or 11's
as well.  Probably a pretty fair matchup.  At least fair enough
for the movie screen.

--- Alan Pritchard <apritchard at seaeye.com> wrote:
> uurmm, wasnt that a toyota supra at the end???
> 3l straight six, a few around the world making 1000 bhp???
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> > Fast and the Furious?  Ya, you know that scene when he's
> drag racing, and
> his
> > floor boards fly off cause he's going so fast, and then his
> programmable
> > system starts blinking "WARNING, OVERLOAD" on the
> screen..sigh...we need
> to
> > add that feature to 034efi, howz this for a sales pitch -
> > blow your frickin' floor boards off, then warn you about
> it!!"
> and all I'm thinking is, 140 mph on the *street* and you're
> gonna look
> over at a laptop and slam it shut?
> Also, there is no way on earth that a little 4 cyl car is
> gonna keep up
> with that supercharged detroit iron later in the film.  No
> way...
> What it coulda used was some 5 cyl engine sounds :)  Where
> were you?
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