(NAC)Anyone BTDT with the new Mini Cooper?

qshipaz at juno.com qshipaz at juno.com
Thu Sep 4 20:46:06 EDT 2003

Apologies for the off-topic, btI was curious if any listers have a Mini in =
addition to their Audi affliction.

After the girlfriend and I went to SoCal for the Labor Day weekend and her =
already troublesome '99 Isuzu blew its alternator on Labor Day at 3:00 PM i=
n downtown LA, she's looking to get a smaller (new) car. Her friend is urgi=
ng a look at the Cooper. Myself, I'm leaning more towards advising a Jetta,=
 but I just thought I'd ask for any Mini horror stories.

email me off list, and thanks!
'86 CGT
'91 200q hangar queen

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