Will Mandatory dyno testing kill quattro and 4wd?

Efraim Gavrilovich egav at wireless2000.com
Thu Sep 4 19:57:23 EDT 2003

I live in Vancouver, Canada and I have to take my Q-car every year
through a mandatory emission test. There are two dyno's there, one for
regular cars and one designated for 4WD vehicles. Test is done in
Neutral at 60mph with front and rear wheels being spinned by test
machine. By the way, my 15 years old 5KTQ passed with a huge margin last
time I went through this test. This is with original muffler.

Efraim Gavrilovich
Vancouver, BC
'99 A6Q Avant, 114,000km (70K mi)
'88 5KTQ, 355,000km (220K mi), 2.0Bar
'90 90 FWD Automatic, 130,000km (81K mi) - for sale

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"Emre Washburn" <yumyjagermiester at hvc.rr.com> writes:

> Why are they dyno testing? Are they going to start taxing the higher
> performing machines with more taxes? And what would be so bad,
> people pay alot to have these tests done. I'm lost on this one . . .

Has nothing to do with horsepower, it's done to check emissions under
load.  Here in Mass the Q's are exempt from the dyno, they do the ole
tailpipe sniffing at idle on the Q's.  Emissions are only checked every
other year.  When they first implemented the dyno testing, the Range
Rovers were overlooked and not on the exempt list, most stations either
did the emissions with another car on the dyno or jacked up the rear
wheels and let them spin free when they suspected big brother was


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