Server down?

urq urq at
Sat Sep 6 23:10:36 EDT 2003

... I don't admin the big list so I don't know how often the server catches
bounces serious enough to shut off an account, but the server never unsubs
anyone ... it simply sets the No Mail flag.  This means that you can still
post from the address, the server just does not even try to deliver mail to
you.  Perhaps Dan is unsubbing folks when he gets reports of bounces ... but
somehow I doubt it.  Worst case I suppose is that someone is hacking the
accounts on mailman and going in and unsubbing people ... but I doubt that

If you suspect there are are problems, my recommendation is to go to your
subscription page on the mailman interface in and check to see
if the no mail flag is set ... if so, clear it and things should be all
better again ... you can get to your account at the bottom of the page (look
for the "Edit Options" button):

What I do see on the lists I admin is that most of the bounces are from
hotmail accounts are over quota ... but most of those are not considered
serious by the server.  If I see what looks like a hard bounce, I'll usually
try sending a message directly from my e-mail and if that bounces in a way
indicating that the account is no longer valid I have actually unsubbed the
address.  If it isn't a hard bounce I usually let it slide, but I've also
been known to set the No Mail flag myself on very rare occasions.  This
would be on the urq, torsen, v8 and ba-group lists.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Server down?
> My guess is no.
> I just stopped getting e-mails for a week while I was on vacation so I
> re-subscribed.
> Happens to me often.  I go along nicely for a while, then I'm unsubbed.  A
> little later, I notice, and resub.  First time it happened, I complained,
> resubbed, had to do it 3 or 4 times in one day, then I was OK for a few
> months.  I just resubbed a couple of days ago after missing a week or 3 of
> mail.  At first I thought I'd pis*ed someone off.  Maybe I did!  Funny, I
> still get the marketplace all the time, regardless of what happens to my
> main sub.  Gotta be a glitch .........  John

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