flaming a loser in SanDiego

Haydn Taylor haydn_taylor at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 10 10:37:10 EDT 2003

Hey everyone.

I recently gave out a contact to the list for my gallery website where there
are a load of photos related to my life, and in particular there is a
gallery of photos of my audi being worked on.

The gallery is cool because people can leave comments on the pictures which
may be usefull, or humerous or whatever...constructive criticism is always

the gallery is here;


Heres the thing, someone from the list left a comment the other day which
was very small minded. this person apparently belileves that all cars should
be left completely stock and if any modifications are made the its the
owners fault if things break. which may be true, however I work in the
product development industry and appreciate that without experimentation
there is no progress in the world. I also work in the film industry
designing and building specialty stunt vehicles so I know a thing or two
about designing cars.

So heres a link to the particular photo and the comment and my reply.  I
think its great if people leave comments but I would appreciate it if you
would be brave and leave youre e-mail address with the comment so I can
reply or start a usefull dialogue at least.


so whoever on the list is the abusive dumbass with a very low IQ and an
addreess of fuck off   @, could you please have a bit of
bottle. (P.s. I am tracking you and so far I believe you are in San Diego,
or just south of it anyway and you use uu.net as youre service provider.
Within the next hour I should know exactly who and where you are so I can
get in touch with youre service providor)

(pps. - I am not really upset, and youre comment was not too bad, I just
want to let everyone on the list, and you in particular know what a dumb
loser you are)

I just thought I should let the list know as whoever this person is they are
obdviousely retarded in some way and dont really deserve the assistance of
the rest of you good people.

Sorry about the rant but theres nothing I dislike more than cowardly stupid


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