CIS question Family car is DOA

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Sep 10 19:07:04 EDT 2003

> Jumping the relay, I do not where the relay for the fuel pump is.


> 10. Relay for manifold preheater, k-Jetronic,

> My idle stabilizing valve was pretty nasty inside, I used carb cleaner to
> clean up the mechanisms. I did find a chunk of rubber floating around in the
> ISV. Could this be part of the ISV that let go or a foreign object?

more likely shrapnel from somewhere upstream.

> The engine will crank, fire and die. Pretty reliably. Sometimes it will
> crank, fire, sputter and then die. The throttle is virtually unresponsive,
> fluttering the throttle will occasionally induce the crank, fire, sputter
> and die scenario.
> I believe that I am getting spark as The engine does fire.

probably right.

> I do not see any obvious tears in hoses where vacuum leaks may be of issue.

You should be looking for *non* obvious cracks and damage, undersides of
hoses and the like, places wher things flex or change shape under

> I do not understand why the engine fires but I do not get fuel from the
> injector.

As I said, you have to lift the air plate to get the injectors to spray.
  Also, you might be getting some fuel from the cold start valve (6th
injector) and nowhere else.  Just enough to fire a few times.  Try
unplugging it and see what happens.

Oh, and if you don't already have it, get the Bentley shop manual for
your car.

Huw Powell

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