The Colorado Police Protective Assoc. window decal blues

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I don't know about window decals, but I've had much success removing
stickers, decals, etc. with lamp oil.  The cheap stuff from the hardware
store.  Works a lot better than the expensive remover liquids.


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Audi content: This could happen to an Audi too!

Man am I frustrated.  I'm trying to remove a very suborn window decal
from the rear window of my daughter's Acura. She bought into the idea that
purchasing a Colorado Police Protective Association sticker for the rear
would obtain some sort of immunity. Instead it drew the cops like moths
to a flame and she racked up many, many points on her license. I think they
must sense hypocrisy. (Ungrateful bastards.)

The bummer is that this sturdy decal is firmly plastered across several
stripes, negating the razor blade option. It's also been cured in the
sun for about three years now. It's almost like a 20 mil layer of epoxy at
point. So far I've tried water based stuff like Simple Green, citrus oil
cleaning stuff and an array of glue solvents such as Goof-Off and contact
cement remover. I experimented a bit with heat. Heat seemed to soften
the decal plastic somewhat but it takes a lot of heat and the damn thing is
in a hard-to-reach place making scraping the softened stuff problematic
and damage to window and/or interior trim an issue. Additionally, I'm
concerned that the defogger stripes may come off almost as readily as
the damned decal. Ideas? Thanks much.

Friends don't let friends put window decals in their cars.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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