Colorado Police Protective Association Decal

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at
Sun Sep 14 16:44:17 EDT 2003

Thanks to all who have made suggestions for removing a stubborn
window decal which can't be attacked with a razor since it spans
three window defogger stripes. You've given me renewed hope.

Good suggestions include the fact that pharmacies have good adhesive
remover, which stands to reason, a label remover product called
Motzenbocker's Lift-Off (as I told Mr. Powell, with a name like that
it just has to be good), heat plus patience, and oil based cleaning products
(citrus) or even straight oil, e.g. peanut oil. I also seem to remember
that banana oil is a fairly aggressive solvent for some adhesives.

Among  the suggestions which need to be viewed with suspicion
is one to paste a bigger sign on the outside of the window to cover the
offending decal. I think a bumper sticker would work, maybe "Slower
Traffic Use Right Lane." That ought to throw off the police.

The technical issue seems to be that the heavy gauge plastic which
comprises the body of the decal has hardened to near indestructibility
and it is shielding the adhesive. Consequently, the tricks that are usually
good to attack the adhesive don't work well. I have to go _through_
the plastic layer first. If I can find Motzenbocker's, I'll give it a go.
Besides I need a can on my shelf which says Motzenbocker's.
(Anybody remember Olde Frothingslosh Ale, the "pale stale ale" where
"the froth is on the bottom." It's that kind of must have at the very least.)
If I can't make that work, I'm going to try to devise a setup which allows
me to get some heat on the thing while somehow pulling at it.

Thanks again everyone.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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