V8Q rear diff on a 5ktq with torsen. Any BTDT?

steve ankney ankneys at vwmail.net
Tue Sep 16 16:31:20 EDT 2003


Thanks to everyone who replied about my previous driveshaft question.

Now my next question is: I have a 86 5ktq with a 89' 200 tranny/rear diff/e=
tc installed. I have a spare V8Q rear diff sitting around in my basement. T=
he idea of upgrading my final drive to the 4:11 ratio intrigues me.

What exactly would I need to convert my system over to the 4:11 final drive=
? Do I just need the V8Q center diff to go along with the rear v8 diff? Any=


Holland, Michigan
86 5ktq w/ 1.8 bar IA, 2 piece em, BPV, Bilstein/Eibach, 20vt windage tray,=
 Schrick cam, Borla XR-1, etc...

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