Whats a good time on a 5ktq head?

Cody Cody at mail.craincorporated.com
Wed Sep 17 11:46:47 EDT 2003

So 2 days ago I went to finish up the work on my 5ktq (EFI conversion done Saturday night, now working on theelectrical gremlins with stock stuff) and when I started the motor all of the sudden I had a really bad knock. Sounded at first like a rod, but then it got much quieter and came from the top end so I thought a lifter died. Then when running it more the noise completely went away, then got really loud again, then quite. So I got out the boreoscrope and took out the plugs and started looking in the cylinders. Cant see any objects, but there are hits on the #4 and #5 pistons and valves. Yesterday I decided that I had to pull the head (wasn't exactly excited about it either!). I got all worked up and quite pissed off prior to the job, but the results were pretty good. Had the head on the workbench and then the car running again in 3 hours flat.

Took off the intake, then fuel rail, then valve cover, then zip tied the cam pulley to the timing belt to keep it on the right time, removed cam pulley, then EM nuts, then the 3 bolts that hold the hydraulic pump to the head, then disconnected the turbo water supply, then head bolts. Also had to pull out the upper timing belt cover stud because it prevented the head from pulling away from the EM. Slid the head to the drivers side to get it free of them EM, then by the time if was on the bench it was still almost too hot to handle (and was a pian to drag arround with the plug wires still in the distributor!). About 40 minutes is what it took to get it off. I discovered a cotter pin in the #4 cylinder, which I can only assume was "installed" in my IM by a disgruntled ex-employee from last week. Valves were still straight, only damage was some pitting on the head and pistons. I cleaned up the head, inspected all 4 involved valves, then ordered some pizza and let the head (and b!
 lock) sit and cool so I could properly torque it (can't torque down a hot head to a hot block, they must be at room temp). Once I had finished my food I went back to the car and everything was cool enough. Took about 2 hours of assembly until I drove the car away. Hardest parts were the EM nuts (DIDNT BREAK ANY STUDS YAY!!!), and that extra half turn on the head bolts (my back still hurts).

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