paypal car payment (LAC)

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed Sep 17 23:49:35 EDT 2003

The 1-2% Fee isn't exactly excessive.  Any Business pays similar
fees for the right to accept VIAS/MC.  Why shouldn't an
independent user.  I woudlnt' accept payment for a CAR this way
but for most E-Bay purchases of under $200 its fine.  I'll
gladly forgoe my $2-3 for the security and speed it offers.
Hell, I'll spend that $3 in fuel to get to the Bank to deposit a
CAshiers Check.  I for one love PayPal.

--- "Mistry, Devang Deepak(UMR-Student)" <ddmvdb at> wrote:
> I've been a paypal user for a couple yrs. now. here's the beef
> about paypal. when you accept payments they charge you a fee,
> it's 1-2 %. they don't charge you anything for sending
> payments. good system for if you want to buy stuff. rips you
> off if you're selling. if you're not going to frequent
> buying/selling on the internet, and this is a once in a yr.
> sale for you, just tell the guy to send a check or money order
> (hope you said MO/checks accepted in your eBay auction). if
> you are going to do a lot of transactions over the internet,
> there isn't much better than paypal. the speed with which you
> receive money is faster than a wire transfer, and it's very
> flexible and good in dealing with credit cards and bank
> accounts that one may have.
> hope that helps.
> Devang.
> 91 100q

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