valve spring compressors?

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Sun Sep 21 17:01:32 EDT 2003

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> From: "Pat Korach" <tm2 at>
> Haydn
> I use a C type spring compressor and a
> socket. Use a socket that is just small
>  enough to go in the recess and wrap the
> outside with electrical tape.  The socket
> should be small enough so the retainer does
> not go inside the socket.  Use the compressor like you would on a regular
> head, wth socket in between  the compressor fork end and the retainer.
> This
> worked
> pretty good for me.  Getting the keepers in
> the retainers correctly takes patience.  I would drop a keeper in one at a
> time down the square hole of the socket.  Used a thin
> screwdriver and a flashlight to move the
> keeper around till it dropped in next to the
> valve stem.

Wow this seems like a VERY difficult way to do it. Granted I'm sure it
DOES actually work, but golly, I'd go nuts trying to do it as you say. I
have two better ideas to look into. One cheap way, and one, the way I do
it. I use a "normal" C type compressor, designed for chebby V8s and such.
I use International Auto PN 35755000. I bought it for the Alfa heads, and
it works great for the VAG stuff too. It's rediculously overpriced IMO,
maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere. It's a 3" long cylinder, slightly
smaller in diameter than the VAG/Alfa lifter bore, with a groove in the
top that slips into the valve compressor slots. It cost about 30 bucks,
it's nylon, works very well. Or, be a cheap skate, go with the socket idea
outlined in the post quoted above, BUT cut out some big slots on each side
of the socket so you can get your fingers in there, to put the keepers in.
If you need a picture of this, I can probably find one....I'm sure my
description is less than perfect.....

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