1987 5000cs quattro turbo - Assorted issues

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Mon Sep 22 02:15:04 EDT 2003

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Evening listers,

I recently purchased this 87 5000csqt for $450 as a winter car.  The car came
with brand new snows, so I figure I bought some tires and got the car for
free.  At any rate, I'm a former VW Corrado owner and found the club's mailing
list to be an invaluble source of information.  Looking for an Audi list was the
most logical thing to do.

Most everything is working, save an exhaust leak where the steel meets the
cast [weld split], the steering rack, climate control, abs, cruise, and parking
brake.  Being fairly mechanicaly inclined and willing to spend long days in
the garage, it's not so bad.  I know with corrados there are many known faults
that tend to break eeevery time.  I'm looking for some advice on the climate
control, heated seats and a rear power window.  I figure three's more than a
newbie should ask as it is haha.

Climate control:

The dash control seems to work fine, all wires seem intact.   Functions that
work include the temperature control, fan speed, and the 'off' setting.  I
cannot get the system to divert air to any other setting than defrost and floor
at the same time.  To clarify, the only time air moves is when it is exiting
the defrost and floor vents simultaneously.  I have located many of the related
parts, including the box housing the servo for the temperature control and a
whole mess of vaccum tubes, so I will propably know what you would be referring
to.   Any and all help would be appreciated.

Rear window:

Not really top on the list, falls in with the butchered stereo wiring
category, none the less I thought I'd ask.  The passenger rear door's window will not
respond to the driver's control switch or the switch on the door itself.  It
is not a track problem for sure, and the wiring looks good, it just doesn't
even think about moving.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

Heated seats:

It's not winter yet, but I think they would come in handy.  I don't notice
any heating in the seats (power controls all work), and when there is a battery
charger attatched with a voltage drain gague on it I do not notice any
additional current drain upon switch activation.  The switches are plugged in and
light up properly.  Any and all help would be appreciated, as always.

Many thanks in advance, any owner beware tips would be great too.  I am on a
bit of a schedule with the repairs since I am trying to get it to pass
inspection in ten days after sitting for two years.  Private replies would be a lot
faster and waaay easier to find on a limited time schedule [writing this at
1am].  I hope this is an active list, and that I am not in posession of something
to old for you all to help.

I owe you one...
       1987 5000cs quattro turbo
       "Sir, you do know that your inspection is two years expired...."
       ** Many appologies for the monster post **

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