new to me car woes.

Edward Birch edwbirch at
Mon Sep 22 16:51:32 EDT 2003

> Nate Beck wrote.........

> >.........I immediately pulled over and called a flatbed to get me the
> rest of the way home.
 >Once there I started to pull the plugs so that I could check the
compression.  This is
> >what I found for plug #4........

> <>

 >Also I looked down in the cylinder and it looks like there is a hole
in the
> >top of the plug......

I think you meant "hole in top of piston", 'cause looking at the
pictures you posted, it seems that #4 intake/exhaust valve head or
valve seat broke.  Pull valve cover and you may find a valve stem and
spring very easy to remove.

 >I talked to the PO and he is going to refund some of the money.

IMHO, I would try to get a FULL refund on that car. (Eating the cost of
towing)  Most likely, the engine block cylinder wall is badly scored,
the head is trash and the oiling system is fouled with metal. You will
need another motor!!

Sorry, Nate.

Ed Birch, Pennsylvania.

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