My shop hit by Nigerian scam (I warned my father!)

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Mon Sep 22 21:07:06 EDT 2003

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Yeah they know about it, they just think that we somehow are PART of it rat=
her then victims. Honestly they are doing thier jobs, as long as they find =
the truth I'll actually be happy that they were covering every possibility =
to stop this crap.

-Cody Forbes (be vewy vewy quiet...I'm hunting nigewians... :-|)
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  That absolutely sucks, Cody.  It might be helpful to educate the lint (no=
t important enough to be fuzz) by producing some of the Nigerian Scam horro=
r stories available on the net.  Google will produce absolute mountains of =
information for them.  A search for "Nigerian Scam" will produce hundreds o=
f hits.  This information might help the lint to understand the problem.  T=
hen again, West Virginia has some absolutely fabulous hiding places and the=
 fall colors are now just getting started.  :-)

  At 07:03 PM 9/22/2003, Cody Forbes wrote:

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    Well another episode of that I like to call "One Shop to Live". I saw m=
y father and secretary were attempting to sell a 944 Turbo engine to some d=
ude in Nigeria, and told them to stop responding and ignore him. They didn'=
t listen. It was the typical my friend sends you check you send me the engi=
ne and ballance. The check got here today, I told them again DONT CASH IT. =
They didn't listen. They tried photocopying ans said to me its real because=
 it wont photocopy. I told them its fake, they didn't listen. So my father =
sends the secretary out to cash it, and she disapears. 4 hours later we get=
 a call. She's in the county pen for grand theft. They are now attempting t=
o close me shop, and send all of the employees (including me) up to "hang o=
ut" with the secretary. I think that they need a faster squad car because I=
 will experiment with 3bar (higest I've tested to yet is 2.5bar without muc=
h problems) and make my way outa here. Either that or actually more logical=
ally I'll hop on my race bike. They think that all of my shop is in on a sc=
am ring and have every intention of doing us in. Doubt they will suceed. I =
at least made sure to print out every e-mail 2 times and save in separate l=
ocations. Maybe actually I could keep in co-operation with the cops and not=
 tip tis guy off and snag him. Doubt it, but worth a shot.


    Hehe, Eric I uh... may be on a little vaction soon.... mind if I stop b=
y for uh a week maybe? Lol. I promise to put your tranny back in for ya! Ma=
ybe I'll take my own one lap arround America. Eric's house, then Jim's, the=
n Javad's, then Huw's, etc. Lol. Maybe if it gets too bad I'll even go to v=
isit Mihnea, Dahlback and Hap.


    Hmm actually seriously that would be fun! Maybe one day (week) we could=
 do a q-list members only roving picnic. I'd be glad to have everybody down=
 here, let you play in my shop (if I still have it) and I know of plenty of=
 other entertainment (like renting the local track for the day).


    -Cody Forbes
    Black Forest Racing
    2x '86 5ktq
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nd owns an ex-cop car that even has some extra work done.
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