5ktq electrical problems update (not fixed)

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Wed Sep 24 07:46:18 EDT 2003

Hi Cody,

> My EFI does have voltage correction correction. I am using slightly bigger
> injectors on this one,  42lb/hr instead of 38lb/hr, but I'm positive its
> ignition. If I turn on the lights with highbeams the car won't rev above
> 3000rpm wide open and it dumps black smoke and fills the area with fuel
> smell. I do have the EFI set a bit on the rich side, but not THAT rich.

Maybe the problem is not the ignition.  Check your engine temp sensor for
the EFI.  I would even bypass the sensor with a known good warm engine
signal (some appropriate resistors instead of the sensor to give a warm
engine signal).

Sounds more like you are going way too rich.  Misfires and stumbles may be
due to the mixture and not the ignition.  The sensor may be having a
vibration problem.

Food for thought...

Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA

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