Wheel spacers wanted

Mike Arman armanmik at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 28 11:29:44 EDT 2003

Did a test-fit of the A4 five spoke sport 16" wheels (45mm offset) onto the
V8 yesterday . . .

Looks like I will need a set of 15mm hubcentric 5 by 112 spacers, with the
longer wheel studs for the front - necessary so the back of the wheel
clears the "bell" of the UFO brake disc.

Like to get a second set (again, with bolts) for the rear, mostly to
restore the original track geometry. The A4 wheels do bolt onto the rear
hubs, but the wheels sit a little too far in. (Original tires are 215/60
15, new ones are 205/65 16, OD is ever so slightly smaller, and the 16"
tires are a whisker narrower, so I don't anticipate any clearance problems.)

I know H&R makes these but since they don't wear out, used is fine. Anyone
got a coupla sets of these laying around?

Any comments or gotcha's on this application? The car looks *stunning* with
the new wheels laid up against it - now all I need it to be able to bolt
them on!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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