NG 2.3 in a 4000q?

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Sep 28 21:03:19 EDT 2003

> Thats exactly how my 4kq is setup right now. NG engine with the NG fuel
> dist, and all 4kq electrics and ignition. It runs, you sacrifice a little
> on the timing I think, and you have to run decent gas to keep from pinging
> since you no longer will have a knock sensor. It will work though, and
> runs just peachy.

One quick concern - the JT (CIS-E) control pressure reg is designed to
have a "rest" point of 10 mA current, the NG (CIS-E3) "rests" at 0 mA.
Did you simply tune the computer to run the NG fuel dist at that center

>>I found a complete NG for $200 locally and would like to transplant it
>>my 4kq in place of the wornout 2.2 JT engine.
>>If i get the fuel distributor and retain my original ignition system will
>>this setup work in theory? or do I have to rewire all the Fuel injection?

Huw Powell

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