quattro digest, Vol 1 #5419 - Braided Flex Lines

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The concern over braided flex lines lies in the fact that
the braided housing allows intrusion of abrasive particles
into the fluid carrying hosing. The kevlar lined lines, btw
the braid and the teflon hose DOES NOT, IMHO protect well
against this. The clear (of course, so that you can show
off your braided lines) covered lines are MUCH better in
concept, IMHO. Choose lines that cover the Outside of the braid,
and replace every two or so years on a street driven car.
That's the risk of braided lines, although they generally
improve pedal feel.

HTH, sorry not to individually post, got to go teach class....


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>While I'm out of commission due to my slipping clutch (it is
>driveable but I have plenty of spares), I think I should get to work
>on replacing my flex brake lines. At least one is in dire need of
>replacement so I'm going to replace them all.  At the risk of
>starting another "thread from hell",  what have the experiences
>with the braided lines.
>The brakes on my '91 200q have never felt as firm as the ones as
>those on our '89 100q that my son drives, even when everything is
>freshly rebuilt (calipers and pads/rotors as required).  Perhaps the
>rubber lines are the culprits and simply replacing them will fix the
>problem, maybe the UFO's just have inherently more travel and just
>I'm wasting my time (and $'s) with SS lines.
>I know there are concerns about using braided lines on the street,
>but I thought there were some kinds with liners which alleviated
>those concerns. I see on Blaufergnugen's web site that they are not
>selling any braided lines.
>So lets have at it, things have been too quiet anyway.
>Frank Stadmeyer

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