Catz hi/low H4 HID conversion
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:12:13 -0500

Hi Folks,

Have you seen this (boy this reads like spam! but it's not.) "dual" H4 HID =
conversion, particularly from the company called Catz?  It looks like for a=
bout $550 you can get an HID conversion, for a set of eurolites, that will =
give you both a low and a high beam HID in the same location.  These ones m=
ove the light source, while others I've seen move the reflector.

I think Catz is a decently reputable name in lighting, isn't it?  At least =
I've heard of it, unlike many of the HID retrofit kits.

These kits seem better than some that I've seen, in that the bulbs are not =
tinted, they don't seem to push the higher color temperature (trendy blue/p=
urple/less lumens) stuff, and the H4 bulbs incorporate a metal glare shield=
.  There is some sort of safety feature that shuts the system down if the b=
ulb is compromised, and protects the ballasts from damage from switching of=
f and immediately on.

My concern with moving the light source around with the incorporated soleno=
id would be physical stress on the bulb.  But this may not be an issue sinc=
e there is no element to be damaged.  I'm sure they've done testing as well.

These would be for a car that was already converted to eurolites, since the=
 beam pattern has to be decent before you would want to triple the light ou=
tput.  I think the sharp H4 cutoff is retained pretty well with these types=
 that incorporate a glare shield.

They seem to be "cheapest" here:

But there are better pictures here:

Anyway, I am aware of glare concerns.  I do think that this retrofit techno=
logy is improving, and coupled with the better beam pattern of eurolites, t=
hese might be okay.  Ya think?

No relation to any of these vendors, although I wouldn't mind being a deale=
r of these things.