Toluene write up

Dan Z. Johnson
Mon, 05 May 2003 17:58:30 -0400

Years ago, my father would bring home 5 gallon drums of waste xylene
from work. The xylene was an industrial byproduct, polluted with
absolute alcohol, some water and some dye. He removed the water, at
work, by freezing the drums in a deep freeze and straining off the ice
crystals. He added the xylene to our '72 Toyota in a 20% ratio with the
cheapest gasoline he could find. Did this for years. No problems. Some
other folks used the xylene in a 20% mixture with home heating oil to
heat their houses. No problems.
But the economics were different. This stuff was FREE.
Then along came more EPA regs, and the company he got it from was forced
to dispose of the xylene in a more responsible manner. They paid a
certified disposal contractor to burn it.

Ron Wainwright wrote:

>   Listers,
>   About a month ago Mark Swanson inguired about
> experamenting with Toluene,
>  well after that I looked at a few web sites about it
> and decided to try it on my 87 5ksq. After figuring
> out how much to use,
> I've been using a 5% mix (1 gal of Toluene) per fill
> up (17 gal).
>  The first time I filled up with 93 octaine & 1 gal of
> Toluene which yealded a 94.4 octaine mix I did it at
> exactlly 239k on the car, the next time I needed to
> fill up was at 239416, that got me 416 miles on the
> full tank which comes out to 23 miles per gal,
> previouslly I was gettin around 400 per gal give or
> take and 20ish mpg.
>  The second time I filled at 239416 this time I went
> to the Shell and used the 94 octaine and 1 gal of
> Toluene for a mix of 95.4 octaine,
> I just filled up again at 239853 which got me 437
> miles on the full tank that got me 21 miles more than
> the first time and I got 25 miles per gal compaired to
> the previouse 23 mpg.
>  Like mentioned I just filled up again at 239853 I
> used the 93 octaine plus a 10% mix of Toluene this
> time. The Shell 94 octaine was pritty expensive so I
> went back to the Mobil 93 but like mentioned I bumped
> up the mix to 10% so I'm using the same octaine as the
> 2nd time but It just ended up being cheaper.
>  I was getting it in 1 gal containers for $7.00 or so
> but this time I got a 5 gal drum for $32.00 so that
> ends up being like $6.00 a gal. 93 octaine gas around
> here is like $1.50 so in reality it was cheaper to
> fill up with 93 instead of the 94 octaine.
>  My conclution is the car idles better and is very
> responsiove above 3k RPM's. I'm going to keep using it
> I'm allso going to use it on my 90 200tqa it's got a
> chip and spring mod, I'm going to see how the 200
> response and get back to the list.
> Thanks
> Ron
> 87 5ksq many mods
> 90 200tqa many mods
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