Meter help needed!

Tom Christiansen
Mon, 05 May 2003 14:58:29 -0700


>I'm looking for an inexpensive multimeter to check duty cycle.  I think duty
>cycle is more important than dwell.  Can you all take a look at these 2
>meters and tell me which one you'd choose as one is duty cycle and one is
>dwell but maybe you guys have more input on which is better.

Of the two you list I'd go with the one above (VC97) because it can measure
small currents. I have a Fluke 73 which only has a 10A range. I find that
whenever I need to measure a current (for instance the current through the
fuel pressure regulator on CIS-E) it's below 10mA so the fluke can't pick
it up. Then I have to borrow a Fluke 87 III form work... :-)