LAC crankwalk prevention, clutch-out starting
Mon, 5 May 2003 18:20:21 -0400

While looking at some stuff about engine lubrication, following a recent 20=
0q20v list thread, I was reading about crankwalk on the DSM motors.  Whatev=
er the cause, it seems that a feature found on (at least the earlier) Audis=
 can help prevent this problem.

The ability to start the car without the clutch in cars like my Coupe GT mi=
nimizes the pressure against the thrust bearing while the cranking oil pres=
sure is low.  That makes sense.

I had read that despite being able to start the car with the clutch out, it=
 is better to push it in so that it is easier on the starter.  I guess the =
extra weight would come from the clutch disc, and tranny input shaft, and w=
hatever is connected to it inside the tranny.

I've never heard of crankwalk problems on an Audi I5, so it may not be an i=
ssue.  I do have a friend that smashed the family freezer chest in the gara=
ge on _two_ occasions while starting his Coupe GT in 1st gear.  If I recall=
 correctly, that freezer had to different bumper prints in it from the vari=
ous ride heights the car had.

So, I guess I can turn this thing I read into a question. Since many or all=
 of us are able to start our cars clutch-out, is it a good idea to do so?

Since starters are easier to replace than thrust bearings, my car doesn't h=
ave a starting problem this way, and it's kinda cool, I'm leaning towards c=
lutch-out starting as a policy.  I think I tend to put the clutch in normal=
ly tho'.

The post I read was here: